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Monday 12-10-2015 - 17:03

At Zone Conferences, the National President and Zone Vice Presidents present reports on their work so far. Submit your questions to hold your elected officers to account.

Zone reports outline the officer’s priorities and show the progress made in the zone since July. Reports also show progress made on the policies agreed by National Conference. Reports can be downloaded now.

Zone Conference is the opportunity for SU officers and students to submit a question on the reports. This is your opportunity to hold officers to account for their work. You can ask a question to the Vice-President for each Zone, and also the National President. Questions can now be Submitted Online.

Each zone conference will be asked to approve their respective report. Delegates may also move the following motions: 
1.    reference back a specified part of the relevant Report
2.    A motion of censure on the Zone Vice President, Zone Committee or National President
3.    A motion to commend the Zone Vice President, Zone Committee or National President for an area of work.

To move any of these motions, contact before 12pm on Thursday 22nd October. 


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