Studying and managing your mental health

Tuesday 21-04-2015 - 15:18

NUS Scotland's Think Positive is running a short survey for a new project that will focus on how students manage their mental health whilst studying.

The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland has awarded NUS Scotland funding to carry out a project over the next year looking at how students living with mental health problems self-manage their studies alongside their illness. We want to speak to as many students as possible who are living with a mental illness and find out what helps them to manage their illness and their studies, and the challenges they face. We also want to find out what more they would like to see happen so that they have more capacity to self-manage, for example enhanced support at college and or university or outside of their studies. 

As well as online research, collecting the experiences of students across Scotland, we will be running workshops and focus groups to discuss the challenges of managing a mental health problem at college and university, and looking for potential supports and solutions. This will enable us to develop evidence around how students’ experiencing mental ill health manage while studying. It will also give us an opportunity to consider innovative ways to develop more supportive structures and tools to enhance people’s ability to self-manage and be successful at college or university. 

The online research component of the project starts with this survey, then there will be workshops and focus groups scheduled in two rounds, round one in October 2015 and round two in December 2015. Once these have taken place, we will invite students who have taken part to refine the ideas that have suggested. The aim is that a number of these ideas will be developed in to helpful tools and strategic changes for institutions to make which will support future students who experience mental ill health to access, continue and thrive in education settings. 

If you are a student living with a mental health problem, please take part in our survey which aims to find out what helps you manage at university or college, and what makes it more difficult. You can find the survey here. Please also share the survey link with students who might be able to contribute their experiences and opinions. 

If you would like your college or university to be involved in hosting a workshop or focus group, please get in touch with



NUS Scotland

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