Students can still swing the #EUref by talking to friends and family

Monday 20-06-2016 - 15:31

With just a week left to go until the #EUref, and polls indicating a slight lead for Brexit, it’s vital that we use these seven days to have as many conversations with friends and family as possible about why the EU is good for students and why We Want In.

NUS is very clear that we should remain in the European Union, however many people are still on the fence about which way to vote – or whether to bother turning out to vote at all. Research shows that people are far more likely to listen to someone they know than politicians, celebrities or newspapers.

In some cases, polls have suggested between 15 and 20 per cent of the British public are still undecided on which way they’ll vote, so at this stage, conversations can absolutely make a positive difference on the outcome of this referendum!

We also know that broadly speaking, older people are more likely to want out, and are more likely to vote, and that young people are more likely to want in, but are less likely to vote.

Start a conversation with friends and family!

With the future of education, healthcare, workers’ rights, the environment and much more at stake if we Brexit, we need students to stand up and ask their friends and family to vote to remain in the EU.  

So, if you want to Britain to stay in the EU, you can make a real difference by talking to your parents and grandparents about why we are better off in, and talking to your peers about how important it is to #TurnUp and vote on Thursday 23 June.

Stronger In have also created the handy Talk to Gran website which enables you to send e-cards to your releatives!


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