Student Voice helps secure transport win for Nottingham Trent students

Monday 08-12-2014 - 16:57

Students can look forward to a free ride with a helping hand from Student Voice.

Nottingham Trent Students’ Union have been using the UnionCloud Student Voice tool to speak out about transport troubles.  

An unreliable bus service meant that residents at the Maltings halls were often late for lectures and sometimes even exams so it was apparent something needed to be done quickly to improve transport links. The debate was launched on Student Voice and immediately sparked a lot of interest.

Using user-defined groups, a referendum open to only the Maltings residents was then set up using the UnionCloud election module, which resulted in the Nottingham Trent University changing its transport provision. From January, all residents will be entitled to a free bus pass, enabling them to use a more reliable service at no extra cost. 

Communications Manager, David Kingsbury at Nottingham Trent Students Union said, ‘The fact this has happened so quickly illustrates just how efficient and effective the platform can be in enabling students' unions to respond to issues faced by their membership and secure positive impacts for students.


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