Student Switch Off expands across Europe

Monday 29-09-2014 - 00:00

Last year, our energy saving campaign Student Switch Off reached well over 150,000 students, saving 3,000 tonnes of carbon

Students Switch Off

It’s also saved the education sector £1 million in reduced energy bills, while getting students into positive habits which last long beyond their time in education.

This year, we’re excited to be reaching more students than ever by delivering Student Switch Off not just in the UK, but across wider Europe. With funding from the IEE Fund of the EU, this will be the first time that Student Switch Off has been delivered internationally.

Moving into halls of residence rarely gives students obvious reasons to save energy. Bills are usually all inclusive, meaning that there’s no financial incentive to lower energy consumption.

At the same time, halls are usually the first experience of independent living for most students, and a great time to lock in positive habits.

Student Switch Off addresses these opportunities, by offering prizes to students and halls which save the most energy over the academic year, providing a clear incentive for acting in a more environmentally responsible way. This year, we’re excited to be expanding the competition across international borders for the first time.

Under the collective name of SAVES, we’re taking the Student Switch Off campaign to Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania and Sweden as well as the UK. Through simple actions like putting lids on pans, increasing recycling rates and saving water, we’re putting students at the heart of a more energy efficient Europe.

Visit the SAVES microsite.



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