Student action at Derby College

Wednesday 10-02-2016 - 17:00

This is a guest blog from Derby College Students' Assembly, which gives a flavour of some of the activism taking place in FE colleges up and down the country.

Derby College Students’ Assembly is a group part of the students’ union aiming to empower student voices both locally and on a wider scale through direct student participation in making politics more accessible. As a group we strongly value discussion as a way of initiating action and the potential for change.

So far, since November we have focused our energy into instigating action surrounding national issues such as the Don’t Bomb Syria campaign and the National Week of Action for education and the NHS. As well as this, we held a panel event aiming to stress the importance of student involvement in politics alongside running a campaign to support the local homelessness charity Padley.

We think that it is important to represent students and have been able to do this through attending the Climate, Justice and Jobs march, Don’t Bomb Syria public meeting and EMFEC.

It’s important not just to focus on issues affecting students, and therefore we have been supporting local campaigns and groups like Stand Up to Racism, Derby People’s Assembly, Derby Women’s Day, Trade’s Union Council, NHS Junior Doctors and the issue of fracking.

We strive to provide an example of how change should be student driven within educational institutes, and the effects a learner voice can have. Politics affects everyone, and it is because of this that it should be easily understandable to ensure inclusivity, starting with acknowledging the perspectives of the people that are denied a voice.



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