Strengthening NUS' democracy: what would work for you?

Monday 24-10-2016 - 18:14

Democracy is a cornerstone of the student movement. It’s how we elect our leaders. It’s how we agree our demands. It’s how we derive our legitimacy to speak for students.

More subtly, our democracy shapes our relationships with each other; sets out how we relate to each other when we’re making decisions; who has power over what and why.

Our democracy demonstrates our values; our commitment to respect, liberation and equality. In a movement founded on collectivism, you can’t get anything done without good relationships and for that we need a good democracy.

After passing as set of democratic principles at National Conference, in May we committed to generating proposals for how we could make NUS’ democracy better.

Having spent time talking to you about what would strengthen our democracy, today, we’re launching a consultation based on the ideas we’ve heard.

It is very common to hear complaints about parts of NUS’ democracy and governance. Often with good reason. But it is not so common to hear solutions. We've critically analysed the way we currently do democracy here at NUS and considered the variety of concerns raised by you. We've collated the above into one background report, which you can find here.  

Now, we’re focused on solutions I’d ask that you maintain an open mind, think through the relative merits and short comings of the different options we’re offering and share your views based on what you think would truly strengthen the student movement as a whole.

We’ll be taking the time to talk to you about these options in more depth at FEstival, NUS UK Zone Conferences, as well as those happening in the Nations.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Just like democracy, we can only do this together.

In unity, in solidarity, your president.


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