Strategic Conversation 2016

Monday 25-04-2016 - 10:00

Strategic Conversation will be held on Tuesday 3 -  Wednesday 4 May 2016.

Strategic Conversation brings together officers and staff from students’ unions to consider the key strategic issues facing the student movement both locally and nationally.

The event is the combination of two previous events, NUS Services Convention and NUS Strategy and Scrutiny event.

This event provides opportunitites for the membership to discuss and vote on the commercial and charitable plans for 201617, hear from the Project100 team about the progress of the strategic plan, attend insightful and inspirational session with external speakers, and attend a NUS Services members meeitng and NUS SU Charitable Services participants meeting. 

On the dedicated Strategic Conversation hub on Shape Our Work you will find:

  • An outline of what is happening at the event;
  • Access to the papers;
  • Photos and Bios on the guest speakers;
  • A session guide and which rooms they are in;
  • A questions and references back form
  • Information about the Co-operative Enterprise Units



The site dedicated to Project100 is located here. Find out all about what has been happening and what is coming up at the event. At the event there will be an opportunity to discuss the draft strategic plan. 


A great opportunity for new Officers and CEOs

As part of the event there will be an opportunity for New Officers and Chief Executives to attend an 'welcome to NUS' session as well as the opportunity to meet and speak with NUS staff and officers to ask questions and follow up on discussions from the plenary and workshop sessions as well as opportunity for networking with your peers, your region and those facing similar circumstances.



We are annoucing the speakers during the run up to this event. So far we have announce:

Andy Westwood

Andy Westwood is Associate Vice President for Public Affairs at the University of Manchester and Professor of Politics and Policy at Winchester University. He is also President of the OECD Forum on Social Innovation and an OECD expert author in the Local Employment and Economic Development Programme. He is also currently on of the Trustees on the NUS UK Board.

Dame Pauline Green

Dame Pauline Green is the first woman President of the International Co-operative Alliance in its 120 year history. The International Co-operative Alliance is the body that unites, serves and represents co-operatives around the world. Elected in 2009, Pauline argued that the time is right for radical change in the  priorities of the ICA, and called on members to rally to help her achieve the sort of global body that the size and reach of the movement deserves.

Henry Rowe

Henry Rowe is one of the most experienced professionals in this sector, having worked for over 17 years in the digital media business.

Before starting "FaR" in 2007, Henry was the Managing Director of Carat Digital, trebling the size of the business in 2 years. Prior to Carat,Henry was Head of Digital Partnerships and founding employee of the UK’s largest specialist digital media agency ‘i-level’, where he stayed for 5 years, helping the business grow from 5 to 75 staff.

Kat Stark

Kat is the Chief Executive at the University of West London Students’ Union. She has previously worked at LSE, University of the Arts, Middlesex, and Warwick SUs and she coordinates an informal network of developing London students’ unions. Alongside UWLSU, she co-leads an all-woman choir called Lips, is the Chair of the Abortion Support Network, and is currently working on a youth-engagement project with the Fawcett Society.

Peter Martin

Peter Martin is the leading commentator on the UK eating and drinking-out market. He is vice president of CGA Peach, the specialist data, insight and networking business, formed in 2013 when his Peach Factory company merged with CGA Strategy. 

Peter has over 30 years experience in the sector as journalist, editor and media-owner and has launched and run a raft of industry-leading magazines, journals and events, including M&C Report and the Retailers Retailer Awards. 

Thefull list of speakers can be viewed here.


Cooperative Enterprise Units

This event will also host the annual NUS services Cooperative Enterprise Unit meetings.

Cooperative Enterprise Units (CEUs) are member unions who participate in a particular commercial activity or programme run by NUS Services.

The purpose of CEU meetings are to ensure there is opportunity for formal engagement by member unions in generating new ideas and for steering the future plans.

The following areas of activity have a CEU

  • NUS Extra
  • Purchasing
  • Union Cloud

The meetings aim to be interactive opportunities for members to provide insight and ideas in the specific areas detailed above.

The meetings will be led by members, with direction and focus provided by the Direction and Oversight Boards and supported by NUS colleagues.

There will be published information provided in advance of the meeting to support discussions, and it will be expected that attendees will have taken some time to read through and gathered thoughts to participate in discussions. 


What to do before you attend?

Before attending Strategic Conversation 2016 please ensure you have visited the hub, read the plans and reports, explored the strategy on Project100, decided which sessions to attend, downloaded the guidebook app and if you are in a CEU visited the relevent CEU pages and read the plans for 2016-17. 


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