Statement from the National President on recent events at Warwick

Thursday 04-12-2014 - 11:11

A statement from the National President, Toni Pearce, about recent events on campus at the University of Warwick's Senate House involving students and local police during a Free Education protest. 

"The footage from Warwick indicates truly shocking, disproportionate force has been used against protestors.  The use of police brutality, tear gas and tasers against students is absolutely disgusting. All students should be safe on their campuses. 
"Peaceful protest and occupation is part of the history of the student movement and one we are very proud of. We will never allow our civil rights to be undermined by the police. We stand in solidarity with the Warwick students who were completely unnecessarily harmed in this action. NUS is working with Warwick SU to provide as much support as possible to affected students and to investigate how and why this happened."

- Toni Pearce, NUS President

A preliminary statement from Warwich Students' Union regarding police actions at the Free Education protest can be found online here


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