Statement following a meeting of the NEC in July 2015

Wednesday 19-08-2015 - 10:55

In its July meeting the National Executive Committee (NEC) resolved that they believe it was a mistake to accept Coca Cola Enterprise UK’s sponsorship of the NUS Awards. Members of the NEC resolved that previous NUS statements broke the policy of the Union and that we were asked to publish this statement as an apology.

As you may know in 2014 the NEC voted in favour of adopting support for the aims of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. When this policy was passed our respective predecessors interpreted this support to be as following the beliefs and targets of the BDS National Committee ( In January 2015 the BDS National Committee website specifically stated Coca Cola itself was not a target for the BDS campaign. This, combined with NUS’ own research, an ethical audit and long-standing policy of constructive engagement led to the accepting of sponsorship from Coca-Cola Enterprises UK on the grounds that it was within the policy.

It is clear there are different interpretations of the policy and we are both keen to look further into the details of the interpretation of the NUS BDS policy. We will therefore continue to discuss this issue with all parties and ensure that further steps are taken if this needs to be the case.

Megan Dunn
National President

Richard Brooks
Vice President, Union Development



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