#StandByMe: UUK taskforce on sexual violence to review Zellick Report

Friday 18-03-2016 - 17:28

Last November the NUS Womens Campaign launched the #StandByMe campaign, we are delighted that the UUK taskforce now wants to review the guidelines set out in the Zellick Report.

The project was launched on 25 November 2015 to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The need for the campaign came about due to the outdated 1994 Zellick Report failing to protect survivors of sexual violence. In 1994, a piece of guidance on student disciplinary procedures - commonly known as the Zellick Report - was published. The Zellick Report is outdated, lacks guidance for universities and fails to give adequate support for student survivors of sexual assault within higher education institutions. We’re calling for institutions to reject the Zellick guidelines and are calling for the creation of new robust reporting and disciplinary guidelines and survivor support.


There is a national crisis of sexual assault on campus and currently many universities are letting student survivors down by having inaccessible and inappropriate reporting systems and not providing the support needed. The NUS Womens Campaign, students’ unions and societies have been campaigning relentlessly and passionately on the issue ever since. Many SU’s have got behind the campaign since its creation and it is thanks to them that the UUK taskforce has announced they will review the guidelines to bring them into line with human rights legislation and universities’ duty of care to students.

The Stand By Me campaign exists to improve support for student survivors across the UK. As a student movement we need to challenge the Zellick guidelines which negatively impact survivors who want to come forward and we need to fight for better policies, training and support services. You can download several resources to help you campaign for effective ways to support the #StandByMe movement on your campuses below:

If you would like anymore information about the #StandByMe campaign, please email


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