Stand up for Student Carers

Wednesday 05-08-2015 - 18:14

Over the past few years the NUS Women's campaign has worked very closely with Carers Trust to campaign for more support for young adults in further and higher education.

In late 2013, we launched the first ever national piece of research into the experiences of student carers. The report ‘Learning with Care’, exposed a lack of support for student carers and the detrimental effect this has on their ability to access and success in education. The report also made seven recommendations, calling on the government, the Further Education and Higher Education sectors, institutions and students' unions to improve the experiences and lives of student carers.

Following on from that, last year we took part in the launch of the Time to be Heard campaign at parliament, which was a significant step for getting young adult carers the support that they need in education. Since then, we've seen the awareness of student carers as a group improve across the student movement and have embedded more information about student carers at our events.

This year we introduced workshops from Carers Trust at NUS democratic events and workshops on student parents and carers inclusion featured within our summer officer training programme. We have been proud to work with Carers Trust to co-create guidance for universities and colleges. So if you would like to find out more about how to better support student carers at your institution download our recently uploaded guidance for universities and for colleges.

With the current attacks on the education sector, and maintenance grants specifically, it is crucial that institutions and students' unions stand up to defend the right to access education, especially for a marginalised group of students.

In solidarity,



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