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Tuesday 30-06-2015 - 13:54

During Students’ Unions 2015 we will be holding the elections for the students’ union officer positions on NUS Services enterprise boards. There are eight vacancies on the NUS Services Direction and Oversight Boards to be elected by participating members of NUS extra, NUS Media, NUS Digital and the purchasing consortium.


What are the NUS Services Direction and Oversight Boards?
There are four Direction and Oversight Boards to support the work of each Cooperative Enterprise Unit. These boards are made up of students’ unions officers, staff, external members and NUS Services Board directors. The boards review activity and help set the direction of work in each enterprise. They also facilitate the meetings of the Cooperative Enterprise Units of participating students’ unions to consider new initiatives.

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Who can participate in the elections?
Any elected representative of a students’ union who participates in a Cooperative Enterprise Unit such as NUS extra or in our purchasing consortium can stand for election to the governing Direction and Oversight Board of that enterprise. Officer board members have a one year term and must be an officer for the duration of the year to remain on the board.

Each students’ union of a Cooperative Enterprise Unit shall have one vote and will be given a ballot paper on Day 2 of Students’ Unions 2015 (Wednesday 8 July). Polling will take place between 12:00 – 17:30.

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Why stand for election?
This is your opportunity to get involved in the decision making of NUS Services enterprise activity. Feedback from past board volunteers has been positive, here’s what they said;

“Gives a bigger picture view of the challenges and opportunities facing unions, which helps give different perspective of thinking back in my own union.”

“Great opportunity to have input into NUS, and so understand what challenges and opportunities the organisation faces. You will get out as much as you put in – there is much untapped resource within NUS which I guarantee you’ll be able to bring back to your own unions and to others.”

How to become a candidate?
To become a candidate you must fill in the nomination form and have two student officers from different students’ unions that participate in the Cooperative Enterprise Unit to nominate you. Nominations open on Wednesday 1 July 2015 and close at 18:00 Tuesday 7 July 2015 at Students’ Unions 2015.

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