Staff Specialist Groups and Regional Networks – get in touch now!

Monday 11-01-2016 - 11:27

You’ve told us that you want NUS to focus on developing the staff of the movement over the upcoming year, and we’d like your input on how staff networks and regional groups organise themselves.

We surveyed over 300 members of students’ unions – both staff and officers - with nearly a third saying that they’ve attended regional meetings and nearly half of those saying they did so in order to meet with staff from other unions, to network and to develop contacts.

Staff networks and regional meetings also allow for the sharing of ideas, knowledge and best-practice, with one responder even saying that they attending meetings of a specialist network “because the people who attend these meetings are pretty much the only ones who really understand my role or what I do!”

A little over a third of you said that they did not attend meetings because they did not know about them, had no information about them or had never been invited to attend them. Help us to change this by filling in this survey if you are involved with a staff specialist group or a regional network.

Over 2016, NUS will be working closely with staff networks and regional groups to see how we can best market opportunities to get involved with the groups, especially for staff that are new to the movement.

If you have any questions or comment you’d like to make please email Sham Rajyaguru, Projects Officer


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