Show and Tell: South Wales SU aim for a bigger UnionCloud election

Monday 27-02-2017 - 09:00

Its elections season, which for staff, makes one thought spring to mind - “how can we make it run smoothly and successfully?” We spoke to Amy Mulcahy, Communications Coordinator at the University of South Wales Students’ Union, who told us how their team is using UnionCloud’s elections module to make this year’s turnout even bigger and better…

How long have you been using the UnionCloud elections module?

I think we’ve used UnionCloud for about four years now. Apparently, prior to this we worked with BAM to run our elections. We have in the past used paper ballots as well.

How much support have you received while using the module?

UnionCloud’s ‘Zendesk’ were very helpful last year. In addition, the online resources and community accessible to all SUs has been great, too.

In terms of the online community, having access to queries that have been previously raised (by other SUs) plus their resolutions meant we could sometimes find the solution before even getting to the Zendesk support stage.

As my colleague Aled and I were only five months into our roles at the time, the support we received from Zendesk was second to none. The help we received from Ash and Becky was both very time-effective and effective.

How does the elections module help you run a successful election?

The module makes sure our democracy process is fair by ensuring every student has the opportunity to vote.

What are the best features of the elections module?

The fast-track email function has vastly improved out voter turnout. It’s a great feature!

Do you have any top tips or recommendations to share with other SUs?

Ensure candidates keep their manifestos to a few main points to help streamline the voting process.

What other techniques might you use to help boost voter turnout?

We used ballot station staff, who were designated on different sites around the campus and armed with tablet devices to encourage more instant voting.

What are you hoping to achieve for this year’s election?

An even bigger and better turnout – both in terms of candidates and students voting in the election.

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