Sections Conference 2017 - Notice of Conference

Monday 16-01-2017 - 17:57

NUS welcomes your participation at our annual Sections Conference taking place 13-14 May 2017. The process of Nomination and Motion submission is now open. 

Who can attend?

International Students, Postgraduate Students, Mature and Part-time Students and Student Parents and Carers. There is no delegate entitlement for Sections Conference. However, for the purposes of elections, voting is done on a One Union, One Vote basis. Only students that are defined as part of the section may take part in its governance.

Why should you come along?

-  Make Policy

Policy for International Students Section, Postgraduate Students Section and Mature and Part-time Students Section is decided upon at sections conference. 

Throughout the year, the International Students’ section represents around 425,000 international students studying higher and further education in the UK. The campaign covers the entirety of the international student experience. Typical campaigns include student visas and immigration, educational experience, from housing, fees, xenophobia on campus, employability and internationalisation.

Each individual can submit 3 motions to each section conference.

Read the Live Policy for the Mature and Part-Time SectionPostgraduate Students Section and International Students Section for some ideas. The Motions Deadline is 14th April at 12noon.

- Stand for Election

The elected national international students committee act as representatives of international students. The current International Students Officer is Mostafa Rajaii. The nominations deadline for the full-time international students officer is 14th April. 

Other roles avalable are:

  • Mature student place on the National Executive Council (voluntary)
  • Part-Time student place on the National Executive Council (voluntary)
  • Taught Postgraduate student place on the National Executive Council (voluntary)
  • Research Postgraduate student place on the National Executive Council (voluntary)
  • International Students place on the National Executive Council (voluntary). In the event that the Officer is an EU student the additional National Executive Council member must be non-EU and vice-versa.
  • Student Parent and Carers Representative on the National Executive Council (voluntary)
  • 4 International Students Committee Open places (voluntary)

These will be elected at the conference

- NUS International Students Awards

Each year dedicated students, officers and unions go the extra mile to improve the lives of International Students. This is a chance to reward this work and best practice within universities and unions recognising the hard work unions and officers out in ensuring campaigns are effectively supporting the students they represent.

Find Out More About Sections Conference on the Sections Conference Hub

If you require Additional Information about this conference please contact


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