Sections Conference 2017: find out who was elected!

Tuesday 16-05-2017 - 11:54

Last week, international, postgraduate, mature and part-time students - as well as student parents and carers- met in Leeds for our annual Sections Conference to set policy and elect their NUS representatives for the 2017-18 year. We can now announce who was elected during the conference…

Sections Conference is the main policy-making body for NUS’ respective ‘International’, ‘Postgraduate’, Mature’, ‘Part-time’, ‘and ‘Parents and Carers’ campaigns.

As well as providing an opportunity for delegates to shape NUS’ policy around the above sections of our work, the conference saw delegates elect their representatives who will sit on either the NUS National Executive Committee (NEC) or campaign committees for the year ahead.

This year, a new ‘Parents and Carers’ representative position on the NEC was also introduced.

International Students’ Officer:
- Yinbo Yu (NEC Rep)

International Students’ NEC Rep:
- Anna Oppenheim​

International Students' Committee:

- Lord Apetsi
- Daniel Asaya
- Hansika Jethnani
- Krum Tashev

Postgraduate Taught NEC Rep:
- Amelia Horgan

Postgraduate Research NEC Rep:
- Sarah Gillborn

Mature Students’ NEC Rep:
- Tom Campbell

Part-time Students’ NEC Rep:
- Fiona Wood

Parents & Carers NEC Rep:
- Deej Malik-Johnson

Our new representatives will take up their positions from July this year.

Update 22/05/2017:

Following a ruling from the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) there will be a recount for the International Students’ Open Places on the International Students' Committee.

The CRO's ruling is in response to a query about the election result. In the published information there were four Open Places advertised with no reserved places. Unfortunately during the election six Committee Places were elected with three of those places being reserved for women.

We will confirm the results of the recount as soon as possible.

Update 22/05/2017:

The International Students' Committee places have been updated above.


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