Round up of NEC Meeting 5

Wednesday 08-06-2016 - 16:12

The National Executive Council held their fifth meeting of the year online. Council members voted on motions remitted to them by National Conference and on thier own emergency motions

Officers gave a report of their work that is avaliable on the NEC Hub. Council members were given the opportunity to ask questions of the officers and hold them to account. These questions and reponses will be posted on 15 June. 

The NEC noted the No Platform Policy and Officer and Campaign Spend to date. 


4 Emergency Motions were passed in the following order: 

Justice for Hillsborough

Supporting UCU’s campaign for fair pay in HE

Supporting UCU Strike Action

Celebrating Trade Unions

These can be found on the NEC Hub. 


NEC then debated policy that was remitted to them from National Conference. 18 motions were passed in this order:

Motion 207: Cutting the costs of Education to build a debt free future

Motion 208: Pride and Prejudice in Education

Motion 213: Stop Doing Over our Nursing and Allied Health Professional Students

Motion 215: UCAS for Postgrads: Free Applications

Motion 216: Academic Publishing Exploiting Academics and University Budgets

Motion 218: We were told Student Loans weren’t like bank loans

Motion 220: Support SUs that are campaigning to reverse NHS Bursary Cuts

Motion 222: Giving Part Time Students a Fair Deal

Motion 223: UCAS ‘Name Blind Admissions’ – and beyond

Motion 224: Caring about care experience

Motion 226: Supporting the teaching of teachers to teach teachers to teach

Motion 412: Self-certifying Extenuating Circumstances

Motion 414: 75% of funding, 100% of a vote

Motion 415: Make PrEP avaliable on the NHS for Free

Motion 417: Doctors Notes and Medical Forms

Motion 419: Rights for Parents and Carers must extend to students

Motion 420: We don’t need a flux capacitor to see we need more capacity


The first meeting of the new policy cycle will be 18 July 2016. 


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