Round up of NEC meeting | 20 July 2015

Tuesday 21-07-2015 - 11:32

The National Executive Council met on Monday 20 July, the first meeting of the Officers and Councillors since their election at National, Liberation, Sections and Nations Conferences earlier this year.


The NEC approved the standing orders which governs how the meetings will be run and the minutes from the last meeting. They also received notice of the appointments made by the National President and positions available to members of the NEC on subcommittees. You can read the papers of the meeting on the NEC hub.

The Full Time Officers who sit on the NEC each gave a presentation to the council of what their priorities will be over the year. Council members asked questions of the President and Vice Presidents of each Zone. You can view the summary of each officer’s presentation on the slides attached to the NEC hub.

The NEC received an update on the agreed budget for 2015-16 proposed by the NUS UK Board following changes made to the estimates at National Conference 2015 which included an increased amount allocated to the postgraduate and mature and part time sections activity. The NEC will approve the campaign budget allocation in September’s meeting.

NEC then debated emergency interim policy that was submitted as motions by council members. There were 21 motions submitted and an additional 2 emergency motions submitted after the motions deadline. NEC first voted on the order to prioritise which motions would be debated first. The NEC discussed 5 of the motions which all passed, except for amendment 10b. It was then agreed that the rest of the motions would be voted on by all voting members by email. View the motions that were submitted to the NEC here.

These 5 motions passed in the order they were discussed according to the priority ballot:

Motion 21 | Motion of Censure Against the National President

Motion 1 | Supporting Students’ Union Officers

Motion 7 | National Demonstration for Free Education

Motion 2 | Protecting Students’ Unions in Northern Ireland

Motion 10 | Let’s do some proper campaigning for grants


Resolutions passed by NEC

Read the detail of the resolutions passed by NEC here.

The next meeting of the NEC will be live streamed for members to watch on 10 September 10 2015. As the meeting approaches keep updated on the reports and papers submitted by going onto the NEC hub.


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