Round up of NEC Meeting 2 | Thursday 10 September

Friday 11-09-2015 - 12:42

On Thursday 10 September the National Executive Council met for the second time this year. At the meeting council members heard the reports and workplans of the President, Vice Presidents, Liberation, Nations and Sections Officers. This meeting was the very first NEC to have been live streamed for members to watch the discussion and decisions being made.


The Officers gave a short presentation outlining their plan of projects and campaigns for the year and detailed any work they had undertaken since the last meeting. Council members were then given the opportunity to ask questions of the officers and hold them to account. You can read the work plans of the officers on the NEC Hub and will be able to watch the accountability session on the NUS UK YouTube channel shortly. 

The NEC approved the workplans and allocation of the campaigns budget for 2015/2016. This budget outlined the allocation of the money agreed by National Conference across the Priority projects, Zones, Liberation campaigns and Section.

NEC then debated emergency interim policy that was submitted as motions by council members. There were 9 motions submitted and an additional 2 emergency motions submitted after the motions deadline. All 11 motions passed as amended, expect for Amendment 3a which fell. 

These 11 motions passed in the order they were discussed:

Motion 9 | National day of walk-out
Motion 1 | Small and Specialist Student Unions
Motion 2 | Stop the repayment hikes
Motion 3 | Stop marketising our education: stop the Teaching “Excellence” Framework!
Motion 4 | Training for Officers on Apprentice Engagement
Motion 5| Mobilising students to join TUC national demo outside Tory Party Conference
Motion 6 | A student strike in Britain?
Motion 7 | London Mayoral Election
Motion 8 | #CutTheCrap
Emergency motion 1 | #RefugeesWelcomeHere
Emergency motion 2 | Support the Open Dover, Open Europe Demos

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 2 December alongside the Policy Development Convention. As the meeting approaches keep updated on the reports and papers submitted by going onto the NEC Hub. 

Shape NUS Policy – Zones Conferences coming up…

NUS’ Zones Conferences are your opportunity to explore some of the key issues that students are facing on campuses. They allow us to understand these problems as a movement, begin to form our collective beliefs and start to take ownership of solutions.

Zone Conferences are a crucial part of the policy formation process and are an important milestone on the road to National Conference. Each Zone is based around a ‘Key Theme’, which will be examined and debated by you, the student movement. These themes help to focus in on the problems, so that you are able to really shape NUS’ responses. You will have the unique opportunity to understand the problems as they impact the lives of your members, and then take these issues back on to your campuses.

The purpose of Zone Conference is three fold:

  • To elect the Zone Committee and Zone NEC Place 
  • To hear reports on the work of the Zone Vice President and National President and hold them to account
  • To discuss shared issues students are raising to input into NUS’ policy

This year Zones Conferences will be held in Bradford from Tuesday 27 - Friday 30 October 2015. Registration will open in the week commencing 14 September. Information on Zones Conferences will be uploaded here. 



Shape Our Work

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