Rock Your Vote at Thursday's elections

Wednesday 04-05-2016 - 15:37

This is a guest blog from Steffan Chambers, Coleg Meirion Dwyfor Students' Union president.

Tomorrow’s elections will soon be upon us, and thousands of students and young people like myself will be voting for the first time! I will be 18 years old on the day of the election making me applicable, just! Although not everyone is entirely engaged with politics I believe it is a fundamental right for everyone to have their vote, it is vitally important that our country is run in a democratic and representative way.

In 1999 the first election was held for a fully operative Welsh Government, this was a huge step for Wales and as a patriotic person myself I’m proud that the people of Wales have succeeded to bring a government closer to home and put the people of Wales first. In 2011 further powers were granted to the Welsh Government giving the government more control over our laws, this makes the election on 5 May even more important than ever before.

As a students’ union we have worked with many politicians, especially on our transport campaign where we gained the support of our local AM Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas and our MP Liz Saville Roberts amongst many others. We have also had many meetings with councillors, although not seeing eye to eye on most things we have been able to voice our opinions democratically. Our transport campaign has had a big influence on our election candidates with the Labour candidate opposing the councils plans to raise the bus token prices for students by 66%. This issue has been raised in more than one election hustings session and it is great to see issues that are important to students being debated.

As a college we have been holding various “Rock Your Vote” stations ensuring that students know how to register and more importantly know how the election works. It is fantastic to see a number of students registering this year, and making the voice of young people heard, this means we could have a surprising election result!


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