Response to HEPI report on economic benefits of international students

Thursday 11-01-2018 - 15:00

Today, the Higher Education Policy Institute released their findings on the economic benefits of international students in the UK. Our International Students' Officer Yinbo Yu responded.

Responding to the new study today Yinbo Yu said:

“Today’s findings from Higher Education Policy Institute prove that what we have been saying for years is in fact true – international students are not trying to exploit the immigration system, nor are they a drain on the UK, the report shows that the benefits are ten times greater than the costs. Tuition fees along with other spending and the economic knock-on effects totals a staggering £22.2 billion.

Rhetoric about the UK being flooded with students who are intending to overstay their visas are simply unfounded and another scapegoat to reduce net immigration figures. International students need to feel welcome in our institutions now and post-Brexit. This must start with government policy – removing them from net migration figures is imperative. Low number of student overstayers and the role international students play in economic growth suggest no reason to continue with this restrictive regime that puts international students off from studying here. The government and policy makers must understand the true value of international students, and protect current and future generations of students to be able to access global education”



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