Renaming the Black Students’ Campaign: why you should have your say

Wednesday 24-01-2018 - 10:55

The consultation to rename the Black Students Campaign is open for one more week. Here are five reasons why you should complete the survey today.


Tell us your thoughts on the Black Students' Campaign name.

In May 2017, delegates at NUS Black Students’ Summer Conference passed a motion calling for a review and change of the campaign's name. The motion called for an end to the use of political blackness as an umbrella term and also stated that the terms BME or BAME shouldn’t be used either. We launched a consultation back in November asking members what language they would like the campaign to use. The survey closes at 5pm on Wednesday 31 January. Here are five reasons why you should tell us your thoughts on the campaign’s name.  

Learn something new about ethnicity, race and language
In November we put together a four-part blog series sharing different opinions and histories of terms such as people of colour, BAME, politically black and Caucasian. The series also explored how language can describe, oppress and liberate. Have a read and see if any of the perspectives are similar or different to yours. It might help you think differently about the terms we use to describe ourselves as non-white ethnic minorities in the UK and abroad.

Contribute to a debate which will shape student activism forever!
Language shapes how we interact and understand the world. It can be used to oppress as well as liberate. Over time language changes as ideas evolve, power shifts and structures change. Be part of the process!

Share your experiences of your identity
How others view you and how you view yourself can be very different. Share with us the words you use to describe your racial and ethnic identity. This will help students in the movement write better motions to change the language and name of the campaign.

Help make a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-faith campaign more inclusive
As non-white people, we have many shared experiences of having multiple identities across racial, religious and class lines and are able to be part of many cultures and communities. A key question which motivated this consultation is how we can collectively organise in a way which celebrates this, without undermining the important nuances of our experiences. By participating in the consultation, you will be part of creating an ever more inclusive campaign.

Attend conference to vote on the new name!
The consultation doesn’t end once you’ve completed the survey. At this year’s summer conference student activists can submit a motion to change the language and name of the campaign. You can use the survey results to inform what you put in your motion, the results will be released in early-March. You can find more information about submitting motions here. If you haven’t yet booked your place at summer conference, what are you waiting for?! Get your union to book your place today.

Complete the survey today – we look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas. If you have any questions about the consultation, drop us an email:



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