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Tuesday 15-09-2015 - 12:21

NUS’ Zone Conferences are your opportunity to explore some of the key issues that students are facing on campuses and in their lives. They allow us to understand these problems as a movement, begin to form our collective beliefs and start to take ownership of solutions.

Zone Conferences are a crucial part of the policy formation process and are an important milestone on the road to National Conference. Each 'Zone' is based around a ‘key theme’, which will be examined and debated by you, the student movement. These themes help to focus in on the problems, so that you are able to really shape NUS’ responses.

Your work at Zones this year will drive research, develop policy and ensure that we can continue to win for students.

You will have the unique opportunity to understand the problems as they impact the lives of your members, and then take these issues back on to your campuses. 

Purpose of each Zone Conference 

Each Zone is required to hold an annual conference in the first term. The purpose of this conference is threefold:

  • To elect the Zone Committee
  • To hear reports on the work of the Zone Vice President and National President
  • To discuss shared issues students are raising to input into NUS’ policy

Each Conference will have a different focus and theme depending on the Zone and may have a difference in style and format but each Conference programme will always include the following:

  • A presentation and discussion around the Kkey policy theme of that Zone to influence and develop that area of policy
  • A series of workshops and sessions relevant to both Staff and Officers
  • Networking for both staff and officers
  • An accountability session with the Vice President of the Zone and the National President
  • Election of the Zone Committee (eight positions) and the Zone NEC Place (one Place)

Visit our Zone Conference hub to find out more and how you can get involved.

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This year, we are running the five Zones over three separate, two day conferences. Each Conference will take place at The Bradford Hotel in Bradford , will begin with lunch at 12.15pm on day one and ends by 12.15pm the next day.

Conference 1: FE Zone and HE Zone Conference
Tuesday 27 - Wednesday 28 October 2015

Conference 2: Union Development Zone and Student Opportunities Conference
Wednesday 28 - Thursday 29 October 2015

Conference 3: Society & Citizenship Zone and Welfare Zone Conference
Thursday 29 - Friday 30 October 2015 


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