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Monday 27-03-2017 - 13:42

This year's Disabled Students Conference is taking place in Manchester on 11-13 April. Don't forget to register, the deadline is Tuesday 28 March at 12pm.


The Disabled Students’ Campaign has been engaging with issues as wide ranging as mental health, suicide prevention, DSA and hate crime this year and our annual conference, taking place in Manchester on 11-13 April, is an opportunity to continue these conversations, reflecting on the progress we have made so far and how best to take the campaign forward.

These three days in Manchester give us vital space to come together as activists and unions to share our work at local and national level, strengthen our network, identify our priorities for the year ahead and of course vote for the candidates that will lead on implementing them.

Conference involves much more than voting on policy and in elections, the programme is full of panel discussions and workshops to develop important skills for campaigning and get informed on key issues affecting disabled students today. From our plenary that focuses on disabled activists throughout history, to our awards that celebrate those at the forefront of disabled activism in the present, it is a safe, vibrant and welcoming space to explore the issues that matter to you.

Mental health has been a key priority for the campaign this year and we are excited to be launching our report on mental health in further education at conference; the result of a successful roundtable we ran with FE students earlier this year finding out about the challenges they face and the types of services and support that might help them. The report will also include key recommendations for FE colleges to respond more effectively to ensure the wellbeing of their students and will be accompanied by sessions focusing on mental health across the sector.

Following on from our Disablism and Hate Crime roundtable that brought cross sector international experts together to better understand the manifestations and impact of disability hate crime we will be running a workshop on the issue at conference. Through sharing experiences of hate crime and harassment and identifying what student unions can do to better support disabled students, this workshop will contribute to an action plan for us to tackle it as a movement.

Those are just a few of the issues we will be grappling with at conference. From bringing you together with partner organisations, to meeting up with your friends and making new ones, our conference is an incredibly inspiring space to grow as an activist and shape the campaign. So if you, or a disabled student representative you know, fancy joining us, then sign up now! 

And make sure you nominate the unions and activists who have been doing impressive work for an award by filling out this form. Winners will be announced at the gala dinner on the final night. 

We can’t wait to see where this Conference takes us – and we look forward to seeing you there!

Disabled Students’ Conference is 11 -13 March in Manchester and the deadline to register is Tuesday 28 March.

Find out more and register now.


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