Red Bull experiential actvations 2019/20

Tuesday 10-09-2019 - 09:39

To support the core tropical flavour, Red Bull are offering some exciting activations to accompany their inclusion in Licensed Trade plus.

The strategy this year is to team Tropical with Rum as a new serve for the academic term.

There are a number of different activations available.

1. Tropical Party Kit - aimed at the night time late night venues - there are a number of packages availabe to suit the size and footfall of the venue.

2. Daytime and Nightime mobile cash bar units.

3. Daytime Occasion Tropical Style Bar

4. Digital posters

5. Staff training and engagement

6. Deck 87

Please see the accompanying deck for details. These activations are free to members but the value of these activations will appear on your benefit statement as a member benefit to being part of NUS Trading Consortium.


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