Record numbers turn out for elections

Tuesday 14-03-2017 - 14:35

Record breaking turnout shows how UnionCloud can lighten the load when it comes to elections.

Election season is one of the busiest times in the academic calendar and can be extremely stressful to set up, manage and coordinate. However, UnionCloud users are finding the whole process far less taxing thanks to the UnionCloud elections module and the figures speak for themselves: 

- Of the 22 elections completed so far, 13 of the returning unions have seen an increase in votes, 11 of which are all-time record turnouts 

- So far, we’ve seen a total of 64,663 unique voters, and we still have six open elections, and another five to start

- Sheffield have seen an impressive 8,605 users vote

- Leeds Trinity have seen an amazing 34.13 per cent turnout

General Manager at Leeds Trinity, Matt Webber commented on the success: 

"This is our first year on UnionCloud and I am delighted with how it has helped us increase our student engagement and participation. In our annual elections we went up to 34 per cent of our students voting which was a 19 per cent increase on the previous year. We managed to beat the entirety of last year’s turnout on day one this year. 

"We made the decision to run for the first time all possible elections at once so included Course Reps, Club and Society roles alongside the more traditional ‘big election’ roles. Voting statistics suggest our students voted in multiple elections beyond one category. We ran a range of on campus events during voting week, some linked to elections and some not, to create a buzz on campus. The team at UnionCloud were also very helpful at working with our University IT team to ensure we had single sign on in time for the elections and that the first page anyone would see for the week of elections once logged in was the voting page. These factors alongside the ease of the voter system on UnionCloud encouraged higher participation in our elections. 

"Feedback on the election software from students has been immensely positive and candidates particularly enjoyed looking at the election stats for student activity groups and by mode of study to help them see where they could campaign for more votes. 

"I am very pleased with the technology and support we received from UnionCloud to help us increase our turnout".  

Although the total electorate hasn’t been finalised yet, it’s currently in excess of 580,000 so we can safely say we’ve smashed last years figures!

If you’d like to know more, contact the NUS New Media team who are working tirelessly to ensure the UnionCloud election module is a success for our members.


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