#ReclaimBlackStories: Adel

Thursday 20-10-2016 - 14:22

#ReclaimBlackStories is NUS Scotland Black Students' campaign to share the reality of Black history and what it's like to live in Scotland at the moment - as told by Black students. 

#ReclaimBlackStories: Adel

After my Grandparents relocated from Jamaica in the 60s they settled in the Midlands along with many others. Fast forward fifty or so years and so much changed yet so much remained the same. I remember the clank of dominoes being slammed onto tables laden with empty cups and the whispers of tales of home. All of which are as much of a part of me as my lived experience; the older I became the more I am challenged to “prove” that I belong.

 “Black British” is a term that I began to encounter more and more, a box that I tick but an identity that I still find so elusive. The much debated term “British” finds a friend in the equally political, all-encompassing and homogenising label “black”; somewhere within those letters lies me and tens of thousands of other “third generation Jamaican immigrants”- not quite Jamaican, not quite British and certainly never English (unless there is a medal or trophy to be won) it’s a Catch 22 that is as disconcerting as it is illuminating. 


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