Reclaim Your Campus: QMSU take zero tolerance stance on harassment

Thursday 27-11-2014 - 13:55

Day two of NUS’ Reclaim Your Campus campaign shines a spotlight on the topic of street harassment.

As part of our 16 days of activism against gender violence, students from across the country have reclaimed their campuses by chalking messages which vary from statistics on sexual harassment to positive messages concerning gender equality and stamping out harassment for good across their university grounds.

Noteably, Queen Mary University London Students' Union wove the theme of the day's action in neatly with the launch of their zero tolerance campaign which encourages students to pledge to make their campus sexual harassment free. To bring the campaign to life, they invited students to sign the pledge in person in the university's Library Square. Below are some tweets from the day.

Stop Telling Women To Smile
If you’re looking for more inspiration within the field of progressive street art, look no further than Oklahoma born artist and illustrator Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. Most notably, her ‘Stop Telling Women To Smile’ portrait series addresses gender-based street harassment on a public scale, which in her own words is ‘a way of speaking back to her harassers’ in an environment where harassment itself takes place. The series also gives a platform to fellow women who have experienced street harassment. The finished portraits are pasted up by Tatyana herself in towns and districts where her subjects reside in an effort to reclaim that space for themselves.

Has your union been involved in any similar activity to promote #ReclaimYourCampus? If so, please tweet in your photos using #ReclaimYourCampus and we’ll share them on @nusconnect.


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