Rally for Youth | Zamzam's Speech

Wednesday 25-09-2019 - 10:15

I’m Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS President, and it is a pleasure to be here.

Friends, let me tell you something. Change isn't just possible - Change is coming. We live in a moment in time where so much is at stake. Our education. Our opportunities. Our rights as workers and human beings. Our right to universal healthcare free at the point of use. The habitability of Our planet. The safety and inclusivity of Our society.

The next election presents a historic opportunity for us to not only protect what matters to us most, but build what we need just as strongly.

And yes - as the President of the National Union of Students, I say that includes a National Education Service that comprises inclusive, accessible, free and fully funded education from cradle to grave for anybody from any and all walks of life.

But let's be clear: the struggle for this future is not easy. It requires insurmountable, inexhaustible collective grassroots energy and mobilisation from each and every single one of us. Talk. Talk to your friends. Talk to your families. Talk to your elders and tell them why this matters. Why your future matters, just like the future of our planet.

And just like the vibrant, inspiring and incredible Youth Climate Strikes which vibrated and cascaded across country across country showed:

It's not just about the ideas, but our unwavering commitment to fight and struggle to see them through and make them real. To make change happen!

Thank you. Solidarity



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