Prove Me Wrong

Monday 22-02-2016 - 12:15

Today NUS’ Vice President (Union Development) Richard Brooks launches his new ‘Prove Me Wrong’ project about the impact of student opportunities.

What is Prove Me Wrong?

Students’ unions often tell us that they want solid evidence to prove how impactful their student opportunities are, so we’re launching ‘Prove Me Wrong’; a collaborative project where we finally start demonstrating the impact of student opportunities!

We’re looking at how student opportunities has a ‘double benefit’ – it benefits the students that get involved, and it benefits society. We know and you know that this is real and actually happens, but we don’t really have any evidence to prove it.

It’s more effective to disprove a negative statement rather than prove a positive one. So we’ve created 11 negative statements about student opportunities that we’d like you to ‘prove wrong’:  

  • Students participating in clubs and societies are less likely to complete their course of study.
  • Students from marginalised groups are not encouraged to join clubs or societies as result of attending ‘give it a go’ events  
  • Taking part in clubs and societies doesn’t make a difference to the employment prospects of students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Students are less likely to be committed to charitable giving after taking part in fundraising activities through the students’ union
  • Student social action in the community is doing nothing to slow down climate change
  • Exposure to democratic processes in student opportunities doesn’t influence a student’s further participation in politics
  • Taking part in regular physical activity through the SU doesn’t have an effect on students’ personal psychological wellbeing
  • Taking part in or spectating at varsity events doesn’t improve community cohesion for students and local communities
  • Running cultural and faith awareness projects doesn’t reduce levels of racism
  • Experiences gained through student opportunities don’t help disabled students get a job
  • Students do not make friends with people outside their social circles through student opportunities

How can SUs get involved?

We need loads of you to work on this and submit evidence, as the more we have, the better picture we can create of the impact of student opportunities.

Each of the 11 statements has a guide to getting qualitative evidence, and a guide to collecting qualitative. So basically, you need to collate numbers and then get case studies.

Steps you can take:

  1. Email Richard Brooks ( by Friday 8 April to let us know that you’re doing the project
  2. Join the webinar on Tuesday 29 March, 1.00pm – 2.00pm. To sign up to the webinar, follow this link. We’ll be sharing some of the stuff you’ve come up with so far, and answering queries
  3. Collect the evidence! Remember to get both quantitative and qualitative evidence (the guides tell you how) 
  4. Create an A3 poster explaining what you found
  5. Send us your poster by Friday 17 June
  6. We will share the findings during Students’ Unions 2016  

More information on Prove Me Wrong, including in-depth guides, can be found online here.



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