Priority Ballot: A Message From Hanif Leylabi, Chair of DPC

Tuesday 29-03-2016 - 14:32

I’m looking forward to this, my final National Conference, as much as I was for the previous ten. It has been fascinating to watch the democracy of the organisation develop overtime, from giving FE students a greater say to passing fair representation policy.

Democratic Procedures Committee aims to ensure as many motions that Students’ Unions are discussed and that the debate is accessible as possible. Every year we update the National Conference Debating Rules to make conference flow more easily and to make sure everyone has the best chance to participate, including first time delegates and those from small and specialist unions.

This year we have decided to change how we accept challenges to the order of motions and amendments. At National Conference 2016, any challenges will only be accepted before the vote to accept the order paper has taken place. This happens at the beginning of conference, at the end of the DPC introduction.  

Delegates to conference have the opportunity to shape the order of motions and zones in the priority ballot that will be sent out on 29 March. If you don’t receive your ballot via email, please contact your students’ union. Last year a record number of delegates completed the priority ballot and we are working hard with students’ unions to break that record again.

We hope that this change will avoid a situation where conference repeatedly debates an order paper that delegates have already shaped via the priority ballot, and ratified at the beginning of conference. This will leave more time to debate the motions students’ unions have submitted that their students have worked so hard to prepare and submit.


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