Preventing Prevent: an updated handbook

Wednesday 15-11-2017 - 13:26

We've updated our handbook on Preventing Prevent. Download it now to plan your campaign against Prevent.   

Download our updated Preventing Prevent handbook now

Ahead of the Students not Suspects tour kicking off at University College London tonight, the Black Students’ Campaign is proud to relaunch our Preventing Prevent handbook, a comprehensive resource for students' unions, officers and organisers to deconstruct and campaign against the government's racist and repressive counter-terrorism strategy.

This a fully revised and expanded edition of the Preventing Prevent handbook first launched in 2015 by the Black Students’ Campaign, reflecting recent changes in legislation, case studies from student-led campaigns and movement knowledge built up from anti-Prevent campaigns over the last two years, as well as a new section exploring how Prevent impacts Muslim women and advice for student sabbatical officers.

I hope this handbook proves to be an invaluable tool for all of us who are concerned about the Prevent duty, how it manifests on campus and impacts our students. It breaks down complex legislation, explaining how it is interpreted by institutions and opportunities students' unions have to challenge and intervene in these processes, as well as providing guidance on building a sustainable anti-Prevent campaign and developing an effective campaign strategy.

As we speak, the government is marketing Prevent internationally - exporting its failed strategy to states across the world. Through our work here, we truly have the potential to turn the tide, globally.

The strength of our movement is – and always has been - in local campaigns, with students, educators and workers united in principled coalitions. Innovative and powerful organising against Prevent on the ground is where the national campaign draws its power, and through which the narrative will continue to shift.

The impact of Prevent on Muslim students and communities cannot be underestimated but is just one of ways Muslims are discriminated against and targeted in the UK. During Islamophobia Awareness month we are running a series of activities to shine a light on these multiple oppressions and how we can tackle them. We have launched the Muslim students’ survey to capture the experiences of Muslim students and sabbatical officers in our movement, we will be holding panel discussions and workshops as part of our national Students not Suspects tour, NUS Women’s Campaign has also embarked on a national Gendered Islamophobia tour and is organising the Muslim Women in Leadership conference to develop a new generation of leaders in the student movement. There are so many more things you can do to mark Islamophobia Awareness Month, please join us and support our work to fight racial injustice and anti-Muslim hate.

Download the Preventing Prevent handbook now

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Ilyas Nagdee, 
Black Students' Officer 



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