Pressure from NUS leads to official inquiry for international students

Wednesday 13-04-2016 - 12:35

Yesterday the Home Affairs select committee met to scrutinise the Home Office’s actions over the forced removal of international students accused of cheating in their language tests.

Oliver Robbins, the Second Permanent Secretary of the Home Office, was excused from the committee for failing to provide sufficient answers to questions put to him based on evidence from NUS.

The chairperson of the committee remarked that there are “innocent people whose whole reputations have been destroyed because the Home Office keeps saying they took their tests illegally and fraudulently and with deception who are totally innocent”.

The committee deemed the Home Office representative’s response to be “unsatisfactory” to several questions, including if and how students were given the opportunity to prove their innocence after being accused of cheating in language tests.

The committee announced they will now be launching an official enquiry into the matter. NUS will support students’ unions to engage with the enquiry once it is launched.



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