People's Vote March: An exciting announcement!!

Friday 05-10-2018 - 00:00

The NUS has secured £20,000 to cover the costs of Student Unions sending coaches to the People’s Vote March on Saturday 20 October! NUS demands a final say on Brexit, a final say on our futures and a final say on the Government’s shambolic no deal eventuality. We want you all to join us at the People’s Vote March on Saturday 20th October in London.



The People’s Vote is not a London Centric campaign but one that poses a threat to all across the United Kingdom. We have had so much feedback about those wanting to join across the country and now you can too!


In June, over 100,000 people joined us on the streets of London. This time, it's going to be even bigger and better, especially since Student Unions across the country will be able to join us at the march in London. To apply for transport to attend via the fund simply follow the below steps.



  1. Get a quote from a coach company relative to the number of students attending


  1. Email Tom Brufatto at and cc in, with your quote from the coach company giving as much detail as possible about the coach company and full costs


  1. Tom will approve your quote and give you further details about how to invoice the People’s Vote campaign.



The deadline for requesting for the costs to be covered is Tuesday 15th October and the deadline for sending in the invoices will be Monday 29th October.


Why are we attending and supporting the demo?


At National Conference 2018, students told us loud and clear that they want to have a say on the final deal of Brexit and have the opportunity to say no if faced with a no deal scenario. Well, Theresa May shouldn’t be dancing because since National Conference the Government has struggled to reach an agreement on many a key aspect of Brexit, and it has become increasingly likely that we’re heading for a hard Brexit or even no deal at all. 


NUS believes that either of these situations would have a multiplicity negative impacts for our education sector, both for those working and studying in it. Therefore, since National Conference, led by your VP for Higher Education - Amatey Doku - we have responded to that motion by posing a final vote on our futures: The Peoples Vote.


There’s still so much to be won and we are not willing to gamble with students’ futures. Losing access to Erasmus+ and free movement, home fee status for EU students and Horizon 2020 would have devastating impacts for students and our community. In particular, for students in Northern Ireland, the threat of a hard border looms, with key Brexit players seemingly willing to pursue Brexit at the cost of the peace process.


In calling for a People’s Vote, we are demanding that students and academics have the opportunity to say no, if faced with the prospect of losing the transformative opportunities for international academic exchange through the European Union and seeing our education sector damaged by our removal from it. This is our future. To ensure everyone has a final say on Brexit, we want to make sure as many people as possible can attend and be involved in the march.


Don’t forget also that, ahead of the People’s Vote March for the Future on Saturday 20th October, we have prepared a briefing pack designed to help you mobilize your students and prepare for the national demonstration demanding a vote on the final Brexit deal. We also have a limited amount of hard copies of the pack, which you can order by emailing


We can’t wait to see everyone there!


Please email if you have any further questions.



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