Our top 20 achievements for members last quarter

Tuesday 24-11-2015 - 10:03

NUS president Megan Dunn has championed putting SUs at the heart of everything we do, launching a new membership engagement team, and making sure the resources we produce are timely, accessible and impactful. Despite the onslaught of government austerity measures, we’ve campaigned hard to cut the cost of everyday living that students face. 

1. We launched our priority campaign #CuttheCosts, with member resources and actions including a constituency lobby of MPs, and a Westminster lobby. NUS is currently taking legal action against the government’s failure to fully assess the impact of the proposed cut to maintenance grants.

2. We negotiated at the highest level holding meetings with universities minister, Business Secretary (and their special advisors), the shadow HE and FE minister, the BIS select committee chair, the education select committee chair, the treasury HE team BIS civil servants and others.

3. We put Lad Culture firmly on the political map, with government making a pledge to start up a taskforce specifically looking at harassment and violence against students. The Lad Culture Pilot Scheme is also underway, with 9 unions participating in it.

4. We successfully re-formed the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on students with strong cross-party representation across its membership, including newly elected MPs. We developed and agreed work programme for the APPG on Students, and held reception for the Group’s re-launch.

5. We secured NUS representation on the national advisory board which is reviewing post-16 education.

6. Two meetings of the Black Sabbaticals Network have been held with over 60 Black Sabbaticals attending the first event from across the UK.

7. We produced a full SU briefing, and coordinating a response to the government Green Paper on HE including #LoveSUs and Quality doesn’t grow on fees initiatives. 

8. We achieved a substantial increase in national media coverage notable success, Cut the cost, legal action, lobby and lad culture.

9. Over 275,000 Extra cards were sold during the quarter, 4% increase on same period last year. New point of sales (POS) materials and digital assets supplied to unions.

10. UnionCloud’s Scalable architect passed the A-level results day with flying colours, coping with a 7,000% increase in traffic, handling 400,000 page requests during a two hour period, which is the normal traffic of a whole day.

11. SU2015 had a 20% increase in attendees (847) with 75% of those completing the survey rating it as Excellent, Very good or Good compared with 65% last year. 

12. Lead & Change had 467 attendees with an increase of 17% in Unions represented. 

13. The new membership engagement team have met with over 100 of our member unions of all shapes and sizes in the past two months. 

14. 33 Unions have completed Quality Students’ Unions, part A, 2 have completed part B with 7 more expected to complete this year. 

15. We hosted and summit on Union Development in FE to discuss a consistent approach to and a sustainable model for FE Unions against a backdrop of the area reviews, a roadmap report will be published soon. 

16. The Strategic Support Unit continues it work with Unions and had 5 Diagnostics booked in. 

17. We continue to provide a Returning Officer service for Unions and deal with briefings on compliance issues. In the first quarter of the year these have focused on Charitable Campaigning, FOI requests, Freedom of Speech and Speaker evaluation and members responsibilities under the Counter Terrorism Bill.

18. We are also working hard to ensure that we are being transparent and that more students’ unions than ever before are engaging with our governance and democracy. 72.5% of our governance articles on NUS Connect have received over 500 views this quarter.

19. We launched Project 100.

20. NUS membership events achieve an average net promoter score (NPS) of 34 and as well as SU2015 and Lead and Change, the Student Media Summit and Membership Services Conference, that we supported, have had excellent feedback.



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