Our LGBT+ officers reflect on history month

Wednesday 09-03-2016 - 09:53

Robbiie and Fran reflect on #LGBTHM and while February might be over we must celebrate LGBT+ people all year round.

This year’s LGBT History month has been hard hitting, educational and a cause for reflection. Perhaps because we have seen many personal accounts from those in our LGBT+ communities willing to speak to out on their experiences of being LGBT+ and religious or LGBT+ and Black. Whatever the intersection, the stories and messages have taught us all so much and given us food for thought. It is testament to how far we’ve come at championing those who have felt excluded or on the periphery of our movement for so long.


February saw LGBT History month take on the theme of Religion, Belief and Philosophy, here at NUS we took on the challenge and reached out to those leading the way on LGBT+ and Faith. We’d like to say a big thank you to Makinder Chahal from Trade Sexual Health who spoke frankly about their experiences as someone of Sikh faith and who defines as LGBT+. Makinder spoke about having a collective approach and how NUS can be a platform to ensure the true diversity of people of faith in the movement. You can read their full interview here. Also a big thank you to Sabah Choudrey, co-founder of Trans Pride Brighton and Trans Youth Worker for Gendered Intelligence. They gave us a huge insight into their experiences as a Trans person of Muslim faith and talked about how best to support Black Trans people of all religions. You can read their full interview here. Last but not least we’d like to give a massive thank you to Kelechi Chioba, disabled representative on Black Students’ Committee who wrote a thought-provoking piece on the intersections of her identity and highlighted the need for more support against LGBT-phobic discrimination. You can read Kelechi's blog here.


That brings us on to our last point, we still have much to do. The fight is not over, this month was a great time to come together, pause and reflect on our wins, achievements and realisations. However in the coming months, years, decades we have to work towards liberating LGBT+ people around the world and encourage all sectors of society to catch up!


This year we weren’t scared to talk about mental health and sexuality

This year we weren’t scared to talk about faith and sexuality 

And for the rest of the year we must continue to talk about these issues with pride and encourage the world to do the same.


With love,

Fran and Robbiie



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