Our grants have not been cut yet – let’s fight to keep them

Thursday 03-09-2015 - 18:35

Today, the Financial Times reported that the business secretary, Sajid Javid, has already converted maintenance grants for poorer students into loans.

But this battle is not over, it hasn’t even started. The government announced plans to cut the grants during the Budget announcement earlier this year, but this does not mean it is set in stone.

On Friday 18 September, thousands of students will be lobbying their MP to #CutTheCosts and reverse the government’s plans to scrap maintenance grants. We urge you to join them.

As we have said before, if the government gets its way and maintenance grants are replaced with loans, the impact will be detrimental to hundreds of thousands of the poorest students studying in England for years to come, and may place pressure on the governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to follow suit.

By meeting your MPs across the UK we can press them on their stance, and assess and build the level of opposition to scrapping the grants among MPs. The more students who meet with their MPs, the stronger our case.

You can find out more about #CutTheCosts and how to get involved here.



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