Our government is mounting an ideological attack on sustainability

Monday 18-01-2016 - 15:21

It’s up to us to champion renewables instead, and we’ve found £100million to do it with.

Across the world, a growing divestment movement is pulling money out of the destructive fossil fuel industry, and the Paris climate deal has given us new momentum. But it’s time to go further.

That's why we have launched the Divest-Invest campaign.

Our insitutions have huge investments with fossil fuel companies. If we can transition £100 million of this into sustainable energy then we can be a leading champion of renewables in the UK.

Why take on the fossil fuel industry?

Fossil fuel companies have five times as much coal, oil and gas as we can safely burn.

If they burn it all, we’ll be looking at 4 or 5 degrees warming. This is about three times above the safe target we set in Paris.  

Education is supposed to be for the public good, but our universities and colleges are investing in climate breakdown. That’s why we need to move our money.

How do we create a cleaner future?

Our new research reveals that our institutions have a known £100 million invested in dirty energy. And now we’re going to help you move every penny of that into renewables.

90 per cent of you want to see renewables used for fuel, heating and electricity across the UK, and our movement can be at the forefront of making that happen.

We’ll help you get out of the declining fossil fuel industry, and we’ll put our money into smarter, forward-thinking investments.

Together we’ll work make sure that we get:

  • Every penny of fossil fuel investments moved into renewables
  • Commitments from our institutions to never invest in fossil fuels
  • 100% of our energy from renewable sources

Across our movement, there’s a growing momentum to take on the fossil fuel industry, and extraordinary support for renewable energy. This campaign is about taking action on both of these things at once.

Read the reports on investments and attitudes, come to our webinars on 28 Feb or 4 March, and talk to us about how we can support you in your divest-invest journey.

Our movement can lead the world on sustainability.



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