Organise to take action on rip off rents at our Regional Networks

Friday 07-10-2016 - 17:58

One of the biggest issues facing students now is undoubtedly housing. If it’s not the sky-high cost, it’s the sub-standard conditions. If it’s not the rogue landlord, it’s the profits of private providers.

Students have been organising across the UK, setting up Cut the Rent campaigns and working to curb agency fees.

It’s time we brought that work together as part of a national movement of student tenants.

At NUS’ Regional Networks, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.

In London, we’ll be hearing from students who organised a rent strike in halls. How did they mobilise, how did they win, and what next for this new movement of non-payment?

In Bristol, we will be joined by a community campaign that brought the local community together to block the violent eviction of migrants. What can students’ unions learn from this solidarity, and how do we apply similar methods in the face of the threat of deportations?

In the North East, from an SU fighting for fair treatment from estate agents. How best can we hold agents accountable and apply pressure where they let us down or discriminate?

In the Midlands we will hear from local organisers battling the dangerous Housing Act proposed by the Government. How do we organise locally while still keeping an eye to the national picture and new laws impacts on our members?

The housing crisis is multi-faceted, and our response must mirror this. We’re bringing together activists from across the country with experience on tackling these issues, but we need your input, too. Our student movement can fight these issues head on if we co-ordinate, share ideas and collaborate on campaigns.

I hope to see you at the regional networks, and look forward to fighting with you for fair, affordable access to housing.

You can find the dates, agendas and how to register here.


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