One week until Zones

Tuesday 20-10-2015 - 00:00

Firstly, the agendas for our SU Locals event is now online here.

This is only the second year that we’ve ran Students’ Unions Locals Events and we’ve adapted them based on what you said last year – so you get a chance to network, link up your local and national campaigns, learn things and do it all in your local area! What a dream. Dreamy.

Further Education Learner Voice and Union Development

Myself and Shakira have both prioritised Further Education Union Development to make sure that in the time of large scale cuts and a deep lack of understanding by this Government of FE, we ensure learner voice in FE is strong – to do that we are looking at radical new approaches which you’ll be hearing about shortly when we publish our roadmap.

In the meantime, here’s a video of me looking a bit scraggly and Shakira looking far nicer.

Black Leaders Conference is open to student leaders too!

As I’m sure you’re aware the first ever Black Leaders Conference will be taking place on 11 November. This is a part of NUS’ work to increase Black representation in the movement something which Simon Blake talks about in a recent interview. This is an important conference aimed at providing delegates with an opportunity to:

  • Network with other Black staff and officers;
  • Develop their leadership skills through a range of workshops;
  • Hear about the latest research on Black leadership in higher education; and
  • Hear from inspiring speakers on the importance of Black leadership in the student movement

NUS’ webinar programme has just been launched with over 20 webinars between now and Christmas!

More information and registration is here! The first two take place Tuesday 20th October (today!)  so make sure you have a look now so that you don’t miss out. As said before, more than ever before and based on what SUs (and in particular Officers) said they wanted)

Zones Conferences are next week

Eeeek. See you in Bradford.



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