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Wednesday 04-05-2016 - 14:48
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On 3 May, NUS Wales held a Twitter Chat to discuss issues important to students ahead of the National Assembly for Wales Elections on Thursday 5 May.


Young people from across Wales took part in the discussion which centred around six key questions


  • Why is politics in Wales important to you?
  • What should Welsh Government priorities be for young people?
  • What should politicians be doing to ensure young people are involved in politics?
  • What do you think stops young people engaging with politics?
  • What issues do you see for young people in Wales in the future?
  • How can young people use their vote to drive positive change?


A number of young people from within the student movement took part in the discussion. They included:


  • NUS Wales President, Beth Button
  • NUS Wales Deputy President, Ebbi Ferguson
  • NUS Wales Women’s Officer-elect, Ellen Rose Jones
  • NUS Wales Welsh Language Officer, Siôn Davies



Beth Button, NUS Wales President said ‘It was great to see so many young people talking about issues that affect their lives. It shows that young people do care about politics. I hope that we see this reflected at the ballot box and young people turn out to vote.’  


The chat ended by reminding all Twitter users of the Wheredoivote and #GenerationVote websites.



You can follow the debate as it happened by searching for #NUSWChat on Twitter, or you can view our Storify, with all of the featured Tweets here.




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