NUS Wales President, Beth Button, responds to Wales Budget

Wednesday 10-02-2016 - 15:20
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NUS Wales is delighted that the Welsh Government has recognised the concerns of the student movement and has reduced the level of cuts that it intended to make to Higher Education.

Students’ Unions across Wales campaigned tirelessly against the cuts to the Higher Education Budget; lobbying their AMs, to ensure cuts did not have a negative impact on students and that vital services were preserved. The lobbying undertaken by Students’ Unions demonstrates the strength of the collective student voice.


NUS Wales’ has welcomed the commitment to post 16 education, with cash protection of Further Education, investment in apprenticeships and part time courses, there has been a clear demonstration that increased investment across the sector is possible. NUS Wales President Beth Button said:


‘Part-time courses are essential to an education system that is flexible and accessible to all students, whatever their circumstances.’


‘The investment of £10 million, shows that the Welsh Government is committed to ensuring education is accessible for everyone.’


‘Students across Wales made their position clear to the Government. Students wanted to see a commitment to the principles of an education system that was accessible to everyone and not just those who could attend university full time.’


‘We are aware that this isn’t the end of the road. Cuts will continue to be a very real threat to the sector and we will continue to work to ensure Higher and Further Education are funded to the levels needed for a prosperous Wales.’


NUS Wales, Deputy President Ebbi Ferguson, will be launching a campaign, ‘Don’t Cut us Out’, in partnership with Unison and UCU on the 29th February to ensure there are positive commitments to funding the education sector from all parties ahead of the National Assembly for Wales Election in May.


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