NUS Wales' President and Deputy President announced

Monday 14-03-2016 - 14:46

Last week NUS Wales elected Fflur Elin as President and Carmen Ria Smith as Deputy President.

Both candidates, through their manifesto and election campaigning, committed to furthering the inclusivity of education in Wales and ensuring the equitable funding exists across the post-16 sector. 

On being elected as NUS Wales President, Fflur Elin said "We have a big year ahead of us and we need to come together as a student movement to fight for equitable funding for post-16 education. I want to ensure academia is inclusive to everyone."

Meanwhile, Carmen Ria Smith, on her election as NUS Wales Deputy President said "I am really excited to work on my priorities for this year; working with student parents and student carers making education more accessible for them."

Outgoing NUS Wales President, Beth Button, said she was "incredibly proud" of the sucessful candidates and knew without a doubt that the student movement in Wales would go from strength to strength under their leadership.

Both Fflur and Carmen will take up their respective roles in July this year and you can view their manifestos on NUS Connect here.

They will take up their positions in a key year for NUS Wales. With the National Assembly for Wales Elections in May and the Independent Review of Higher Education Funding for Wales reporting soon afterwards there will be many opportunities for influencing the future of education in Wales. 


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