NUS Wales launch partnership with United Purpose

Thursday 21-06-2018 - 17:00

NUS Wales have launched an exciting partnership with United Purpose to give students a part to play in Wales’ role in the world



NUS Wales have hailed the launch of a brand new partnership with international development organisation United Purpose.


United Purpose is an international development organisation that supports communities living in poverty to secure prosperous, independent and sustainable futures.


The partnership sees both organisations resolve to collaborate on key global issues:


  • Helping women in the Global South to have access to and control over the major issues that impact them, such as money, information, and institutions, so that they can have agency over their own lives.


  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the Welsh education sector, and increasing student awareness and action on environmental issues.


  • Raising awareness and activism of global poverty amongst the Welsh student body.


The partnership was launched at NUS Wales’ Summer Reception at Caffi Sio in Cardiff Bay on Wednesday night, as Assembly Members, Welsh Government Officials and sector stakeholders came together to hear about the exciting project, and the principles that will guide the work.


This partnership will be based on a set of ten principles that will guide the work NUS Wales and United Purpose do together:


  1. Our goal is that people in poverty have access to, and control over, the opportunities and resources that give them agency over their own lives and futures.


  1. Charity is best done when based on solidarity, respect, and unity.


  1. A woman’s ability to feed, educate, or keep herself and her children healthy should never be dependent on the benevolence of others. All women need social, civic, and economic independence.


  1. We recognise and respect the strength and power of individuals.


  1. We believe in challenging the negative stereotypes of women in poverty in the Global South that present them as passive and weak; they are strong and remarkable and should be presented as such.


  1. Communities should be at the heart of identifying solutions to their own challenges.


  1. Sustainable development and long-term change is at the heart of all we do together.


  1. We want to contribute to Wales’ role in the world.


  1. Through our work, we will help build a world fit for Future Generations.


  1. Our organisations are driven by our values – for us, it’s not just about what we do, but about how we do it.



NUS Wales Acting-President Carmen Smith opened the reception with excitement about the future of this partnership:


“This is a fantastic opportunity for NUS Wales and our members across the country. United Purpose’ mission is so important: ‘A world where justice, dignity and respect prevail for all.’ What could be more inspiring than that?


“Their mission fits perfectly with NUS Wales. The student movement has a proud tradition of solidarity, and fighting for justice, here and around the world.

“Like Kathryn, students have been at the forefront of change for years. We have a vision of a world where everyone can thrive no matter what their background, and I know that Kathryn and the United Purpose team share that vision.


“My view is simple. Devolution is an opportunity. It is our duty – all of us here in this room, everyone across the way in the Senedd, really, everyone in Wales – to use this opportunity to make life better for people here in Wales, and to work together to build a world that future generations can be proud of.”

NUS Wales Women’s Officer and President-Elect Gwyneth Sweatman highlighted the opportunities that the Well-Being and Future Generations Act gives Wales to make a real impact across the Globe and why the time for talking has past and the time for action has arrived:


“the pioneering Well-being of Future Generations Act makes ‘a globally responsible Wales’ one of our long-term well-being goals. Under that Act, the whole of the Welsh public sector should now be acting in such a way that it’s delivering on that and the other six goals.


“But, for me, it’s important that that commitment extends beyond the public sector. And that is why I am proud that, tonight, we are marking the start of an exciting partnership between NUS Wales and United Purpose.


“So I am proud that we are working with United Purpose, a global organisation which has its home here in Wales, an organisation with proud values and a strong track record of making the whole world a better place.


“While this launch is a celebration of our new partnership, make no mistake: I am angry.


“I am angry that there are women in the world – millions of women – who aren’t able to feed themselves and their children, who aren’t able benefit from education, and who aren’t healthy.


“It is a global scandal of epic proportions that this is still a thing. And it should make us all angry. That’s why this partnership is so important. It’s an opportunity for students and young people in Wales to play their part in Wales’ role in the world.”


United Purpose Chief Executive Kathryn Llewellyn closed the reception with an inspiring speech about her experiences in the global south and how this partnership is a brave, but exciting prospect for both organisations:


“This partnership is so exiting for United Purpose because it helps increase our impact in Wales and in the Global South. It will inform how we campaign, collaborate and engage people in a way that is genuine and authentic.


“This is a brave partnership, there will be challenges. But it’s such an exciting opportunity for Wales to say ‘no! Let’s do more”



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