NUS Wales' comment on the snap general election

Wednesday 19-04-2017 - 10:02

With just 50 days until the general election, NUS Wales is calling on all political parties to make strong commitments to students and young people that will ensure the UK leaving Europe does not have a detrimental impact on their future.

Young people and students, who mostly voted Remain, want to see clear manifestos from parties that represent their interests, not only around the UK’s exit from the EU, but for the full five years of the next UK Government.

With local elections happening this May, the EU referendum and Assembly elections last year, and a general election the year before that, it is easy to see why people are becoming fatigued by the constantly-changing political landscape. Young people are becoming increasingly concerned by the lack of certainty and want clear manifestos that address their future prospects.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s intention to seek an early general election, NUS Wales President Fflur Elin said:

“In recent years it has become increasingly difficult for students and young people to remain on the electoral register. The local elections in May, and the general election in June, both come at a time when students will either be going through exams, or leaving university at the end of term.

“That’s why we are urging students to register at their home addresses and their term-time address—to ensure that they are able to vote wherever they are on 8 June.

“Young people are often painted as being disengaged from politics, but we know this is not the case. We see young people mobilising in their thousands around issues and campaigns. Ahead of this general election, political parties should be aware that if they don’t address issues that are important to young people, then they will not gain their support.

“Young people and students in Wales and across the UK are still facing mounting debt, and huge barriers to accessing the housing market. The services they use, such as mental health services, are under pressure. They still have a hard time getting good, sustainable work. And they want to see an open, tolerant, and welcoming society.

“Leaving the European Union will have a profound effect on the lives of young people for years to come and this is becoming ever more apparent.

“Parties must make their commitments clear, so that young people can vote to shape their futures.

“Over the next seven weeks, we look forward to speaking to parties and candidates about their priorities for young people and students. We also look forward to working with students’ unions across Wales to ensure that students are registered to vote, and go and use their vote on 8 June.”


NUS Wales

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