NUS Wales comment on inward migration figures

Sunday 26-02-2017 - 00:01

Commenting on inward migration figures published by the Office for National Statistics on Thursday 23 February, NUS Wales Deputy President Carmen Smith said:

“Let me be very clear: migration is extremely important for Welsh universities. Not only does it help secure universities’ financial security, it also means that students are exposed to new experiences, ideas, and cultures while they study.

“We want Welsh universities to be world-class and intellectually vibrant. Clearly, that is challenging if, for whatever reason, we are unable to attract staff and students from other parts of the world to teach and learn at our universities.

“Being attractive to international staff and students also says something about our society. There is a clear link here with last June’s vote to leave the European Union, and the rise in intolerance in some quarters that has followed it.

“We want Wales to be an attractive and tolerant place for people across the EU and beyond to come to study and work. That is vital both for its own sake, and for the value that international staff and students bring to our universities and our country.

“Students from other parts of the European Union, and those from further afield, contribute a huge amount to our society, and that is why we must be very clear in saying to students and university teachers that they, their experiences, their cultures, and their knowledge are welcome and valued here in Wales.”

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