NUS-USI launches wellbeing survey

Wednesday 07-12-2016 - 11:21

NUS-USI has today launched a research survey for students in Northern Ireland examining the pressures they face to obtain a better understanding of the impact those pressures have on student mental health and wellbeing.

President of NUS-USI, Fergal McFerran, said: “The challenges and pressures that our student body face today are increasingly diverse and complex. The mental health and wellbeing of our students are incredibly important to me, and I hope that through our research we can gain a better understanding of the nature of the everyday pressures faced by our students as a first step to having a more informed discussion about the kind of support they need.

“Just a few years ago we carried out research in relation to student funding and finance. Thousands of students in Northern Ireland responded to that research, giving us an evidence base that was authoritative. Today, as we launch this new research survey I want to encourage students across Northern Ireland to respond to our survey. This research is inclusive of all students across higher and further education in Northern Ireland

“We want this research to clearly identify and highlight the challenges students face in relation to their wellbeing and mental health. This research will also examine the impact that mental health and wellbeing matters have upon students’ studies and other aspects of their life.

“This is an important piece of research which we hope could help shape future decisions being made to support students. We intend to use these findings to brief government and politicians on the challenges facing students and what’s needed to help address the mental health and wellbeing challenges facing students here.”

Please share the link to the survey in your local student-facing communications:



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