NUS-USI helps deliver creation of taught postgraduate loan

Thursday 24-03-2016 - 15:28

NUS-USI has gained a very significant win on student funding, wih the creation of taught postgraduate loans.

The tuition fee loans will be non-means tested and will be up to the value of £5,500.

President of NUS-USI Fergal McFerran said: “It has become increasingly difficult for people to be able to fund themselves to enter postgraduate study. As a student movement we are naturally opposed to financial barriers which prevent individuals from accessing education, including fees and debt. However, in light of the fact that the next Northern Ireland Executive will need to make some fundamental decisions regarding the future of higher education funding we see the introduction of a postgraduate tuition fee loan, with a low rate of interest as a positive step.

“We believe that education, at all levels should be accessible to all and welcome the fact that this announcement will make extra funding available to those seeking to enter postgraduate study. We too are committed to continuing to engage with all relevant stakeholders regarding how we fund our higher education system in the future.”


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