NUS teams up with iStreetWatch to help students report racism

Thursday 20-04-2017 - 16:57

Racist and anti-migrant incidents are becoming ever more public with discrimination towards targeted communities increasingly normalised by politicians and in the media. Now, a new online tool is helping people to track and report racism and xenophobia.  

Everyone has the right to feel safe on the street, but for many people, leaving their house means risking verbal and sometimes physical abuse. 

This is why we’re proudly partnering with iStreetWatch to encourage students to speak out about these abuses.

If you’ve witnessed or experienced any harassment of this nature, we urge you to come forward and submit your experience at

Our Liber8 Education campaign seeks to defend the rights of international students and migrants and we’ll be working closely with iStreetWatch, which collects reports to monitor racist and xenophobic incidents across the UK.

We aim to:

  • Make these now everyday incidents visible to a wider community.
  • Help students' unions, activists and those at risk know what is going on in their local area.
  • Collect data over time to help monitor the correlation between these incidents and inflammatory speech from the media and politicians.

iStreetWatch was created in response to the rise in hate crime following the EU referendum result and is managed by Migrants' Rights Network. For more information, visit


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